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Jigs & Accessories

4 / Tilting Drill Press Table

A tilting table, an adjustable fence, and a replaceable insert makes it easy to drill straight or angled holes.

Jigs & Accessories

8 / Adjustable Stop Block

This stop block is ideal for making stopped cuts on a router table, band saw, or drill press. It’s “micro-adjustable” so you can fine tune the position for an exact cut.

In The Shop

10 / Forstner Bits

Guided by its rim instead of a centerpoint, a Forstner bit cuts near perfect flat-bottomed holes at any angle.

12 / Shop-Built Clamps

Two clamps you can build at a fraction of the cost of store-bought clamps. One for gluing up panels and the other for quick clamping jobs.

Feature Project

16 / Table Saw Tenoning Jig

Precision tenons are easy with this shop-made jig for your table saw. It features a unique double-stop so you can cut both sides of a tenon without flipping the workpiece.


24 / Tips for Cutting Tenons

From stock preparation and layout, to cutting the cheeks and shoulders, these helpful tips will show you how to cut a tenon that fits perfectly.

Hardware Store

30 / Knock-Down Fittings

All it takes to build furniture that’s easy to knock down and put back together again is the right hardware.


Tips & Techniques

28 / Shop Solutions

Five shop-tested tips: Zero Clearance Insert, Depth Gauge, Cut-off Jig for a Circular Saw, Squaring a Mitered Corner, and a Tip for Mortising Hinges.

32 / Scenes from the Shop