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Jigs & Accessories

4 / Router Jointer

All it takes to get a perfectly straight edge on a workpiece is a hand-held router and this shop-made jig.

Feature Project

6 / Box Joint Jig

This precision-made jig produces tight-fitting box joints. The secret is a micro-adjustment system that lets you sneak up on the perfect fit.


12 / Making Box Joints

Professional looking box joints are easy to make with this simple step-by-step approach.


14 / Sharpening Brad Point Bits

A file and a few basic techniques are all you need to restore the edge on your brad point bits.

Shop Project

16 / Band Saw Fence System

Make perfectly straight cuts on your band saw with this rock-solid fence. It features a built-in clamping system, an adjustment for drift, and two shop-made accessories.

Fine Tools

22 / Sliding Bevel Gauge

Brass and wood combine to produce a fine tool that’s both handsome and functional. Plus, some special techniques for working with brass and wood.

Hardware Store

30 / Abrasive Pads

Create a mirror-smooth finish on your projects by using abrasive pads in between coats.


Tips & Techniques

28 / Shop Solutions

Seven Shop-Tested Tips: Dust Collector, Assembly Surface, Storing Waterstones, Auxiliary Fence Tip, Keyless Chuck Update, Drill Bit Spacer, and a Blade Guard for Hand Saws.

32 / Scenes from the Shop