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Cover ShopNotes No. 73

Lathe Tool Cabinet Lathe Tool Cabinet

Router Circle-Cutting Jig Router Circle-Cutting Jig

Benchtop Mini-Lathe Benchtop Mini-Lathe

Clamp Storage System Clamp Storage System


Shop Project

6 / Lathe Tool Cabinet

Keeping your lathe tools and accessories within easy reach can be a hassle. This storage center can be placed right next to your lathe to keep your tools and supplies close at hand. When you’re done, just fold up the top and roll it out of the way.

Jigs & Accessories

12 / Router Circle-Cutting Jig

This all-new circle-cutting jig makes it a snap to cut circles and arcs quickly and accurately with your hand-held router.

Feature Project

16 / Benchtop Mini-Lathe

Build your own lathe? Absolutely! With this shop-built mini-lathe you can try your hand at turning without spending a lot of money. The optional accessories make it easy to turn small bowls or outfit your lathe as a disk sander.

In The Shop

26 / 7 Must-Have Turning Tools

You don’t need a shopful of turning tools to turn a table leg or a bowl. As a matter of fact, we’ll show you the seven tools that will allow you to turn just about anything.

Storage Project

28 / Clamp Storage System

When you have a wide assortment of clamps, finding a convenient way to store them can be a challenge — until now. Our adjustable clamp storage system can be changed or expanded over time to suit your needs.


4 / Readers' Tips

Shop-tested tips to solve common woodworking problems.

32 / Tool Chest

Square up your assemblies automatically during glue up with parallel jaw clamps. We take a look at three top models.

34 / Shop Talk

Looking for the perfect material for building shop jigs, fixtures, and storage projects? Baltic birch plywood is the answer.

36 / Scenes from the Shop