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Adjustable Spindle Sander

Adjustable Spindle Sander

You’ll find most of what you need for the spindle sander at a local hardware store or home center. The only items you might have trouble locating are the flange bearing that supports the drum and the neoprene rubber used for the gaskets.

The flange bearing (6384K363) is available from McMaster-Carr. They also have the 12"-square sheet of neoprene rubber (9455K15). Reid Tool also has a bearing that will work (NB-1070). Just be sure to have either bearing in hand before you drill the flange support block.

Finally, we picked up our sanding sleeves at the Woodsmith Store. But there are a couple other sources listed below that you can order sleeves from.


Woodsmith Store
Woodworker's Supply
Reid Supply