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Thickness Sander

Thickness Sander

You’ll find much of the basic hardware needed to build the thickness sander on page 28 of ShopNotes No. 86 at your local hardware store or home improvement center. But some items, like the steel shafts and pulleys, might be a little more challenging to find.

The 1/2" steel shaft (8920K15), 3/4" shaft (1346K32), bronze sleeve bearings (6391K212), 5" x 5/8" 4L belt pulley (6245K47), 2" x 5/8" 4L belt pulley (6245K16), and 4L440 V-Belt (6191K37) were all ordered from McMaster-Carr. I was able to get the handle for the conveyor (6473K77) and the 3/8" studded knobs (5993K43) from there as well.

The two pillow blocks (PRB-156) were ordered from Reid Tools. And the 3/8" through knobs (23820), as well as the magnetic catch (29280), came from Rockler.

You’ll also need sandpaper for the conveyor and the drum. I used a 16" x 48" 100-grit sanding belt (WB51410) for the conveyor belt. Rolls of sandpaper to wrap the drum roller come in a variety of grits. I got these from Klingspor.

I picked up a piece of 1/16"-thick polycarbonate at a local plastics dealer to make the cover for the dust hood. You can also find it available from suppliers of plastic listed below.


Klingspor's Woodworking Shop
Reid Supply
U.S. Plastic Corp.
Regal Plastics

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