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Dovetailed Shoulder Plane

Dovetailed Shoulder Plane

A shoulder plane you build yourself, like the one on page 32 of ShopNotes No. 88, will become an heirloom and a great addition to your shop. To build the plane, you’ll need some hardware and metalworking tools.

First, you’ll need low-carbon steel (9517K16), brass sheet material (8956K44), and a small brass rod (8859K155). You’ll also need a scribe, layout dye to mark the lines on the metal, and metal files to work the material. I was able to order all of these items from McMaster-Carr. The #410 Clifton plane iron I used came from Highland Hardware. The brass lamp shade extender I used for the adjustment knob was picked up at a local hardware store.


Highland Woodworking

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