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Roll-Around Work Cart

Roll-Around Work Cart

The roll-around work cart on page 18 of ShopNotes No. 90 requires quite a bit of hardware. The nice thing about this is you can find most of it, including the EMT conduit used for the handles, at a hardware store or home center. But there are a few items that you'll probably have to order.

The heavy-duty, 1-1/4" x 5" locking swivel casters (WC-88) came from Reid Tool. For the drawer handles, I used extruded aluminum pull material from Woodworker's Hardware (KV0822). It comes in 8'-long pieces that you simply cut to the length you need.

The full-extension drawer slides can be obtained from Rockler. You’ll need four pairs of the 14"-long drawer slides (32474) and four of the 18" slides (32490) as well. You can also order these drawer slides from the Woodsmith Store (see below).


Reid Supply
Woodsmith Store in Clive
Woodworker's Hardware

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