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Issue 91 Hardware & Supplies Sources

Aluminum Squares

Aluminum Squares

The aluminum squares from page 36 of ShopNotes No. 91 are easy to build and make a great addition to your shop. But you'll need a few items you may not have around the shop.

You can find the bar stock, springloaded center punch, taps, drill bits, and files you'll need at your local hardware store or home improvement center. If you have difficulty finding the bar stock, it can be ordered from McMaster-Carr.

You will need a couple of supplies when it comes time to drill and tap the aluminum. To help reduce heat during drilling, I used Tap-Ease (1009K22) lubricant. And to make it easier to tap the threads in the aluminum, I used cutting fluid (1413K42). Both of these can be ordered from McMaster-Carr.



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