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Cover ShopNotes No. 92

Raised Panels on the Router Table Raised Panels on the Router Table

One-Wall Workshop One-Wall Workshop

Cleanup Center Cleanup Center

Dust-Free Blade Cover Dust-Free Blade Cover


Storage Solutions

Online Extra
16 / One-Wall Workshop

Turn any wall into a compact, easy-to-use workcenter. Starting with purchased cabinets, you can customize the project with pegboard storage panels, open tool cubbies, beefy benchtops, and a flip-up workbench.

Hands-On Technique

28 / Rabbeted Case Construction

Building a basic shop cabinet doesn’t have to be a challenge. With ordinary rabbet joints, you can create rock-solid cases in no time.

Weekend Workshop

Online Extra
30 / Cleanup Center

Your shop will stay neat and tidy when all your cleaning supplies are organized and close at hand in this handy storage center.

Best-Built Jigs & Fixtures

36 / Dust-Free Blade Cover

Getting tired of dealing with all the dust from your table saw? This shop-made blade cover will put the dust in its place.


4 / Readers' Tips

Router Workshop

8 / Raised Panels on the Router Table

With just an auxiliary fence and ordinary router bits, you can quickly create great-looking raised panels at your router table.

Materials & Hardware

10 / Heavy-Duty Wall Anchors

Use these simple fasteners to securely and easily attach wall-mounted cabinets.

Jigs & Accessories

12 / Plywood Edging Bits

Hiding the edges of plywood is a snap with this easy-to-use router bit system.

Shop Shortcuts

14 / Shop Short Cuts

Shop-tested tips and techniques to solve your woodworking problems.

Hands-On Technique

34 / Working with Dimensional Lumber

From lumberyard to your next project — here’s how to get the most out of your dimensional lumber.

In The Shop

40 / Pre-Fab Shop Cabinets

Inexpensive, manufactured shop cabinets can make organizing your shop a breeze.

Setting Up Shop

42 / 7 Must-Have Table Saw Accessories

Work safer, faster, and more accurately with these handy, shop-built jigs and accessories.

Mastering the Table Saw

46 / Snug-Fitting Tenons

A dado blade and the right technique are all you need to cut perfect-fitting tenons every time.

Great Gear

Online Extra
48 / Miter Saw Accessories

Get better results and improved accuracy from your miter saw with these great upgrades.

50 / Q&A
52 / Scenes from the Shop