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Dovetail Jig Workcenter

Dovetail Jig Workcenter

Building the dovetail workcenter shown on page 36 of ShopNotes No. 93 will take a bit of hardware. You should be able to find the washers, woodscrews, threaded inserts, handles, and piano hinges at just about any hardware store.

For the two different-length knobs (1373T57, 1373T58), I turned to McMaster-Carr (see below). And Lee Valley has all the magnet hardware. The part numbers for the 3/8" magnets are 99K3203 (magnet), 99K3252 (cup), and 99K3262 (washer). The item numbers for the 1/2" size are 99K3103, 99K3253, and 99K3263, respectively.

Note: If you want to center the baseplate and bushing on your router, the Woodsmith Store carries the Bosch centering cone (269068).


Lee Valley
Woodsmith Store in Clive

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