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Jig Saw Upgrades

Jig Saw Upgrades

Getting more out of your jig saw will be easy with the accessories beginning on page 12 of ShopNotes No. 95.

If your saw doesn't have a splinter guard, check a few retail outlets that carry your brand.

The Slick Saw adhesive overlay can be cut to fit your saw's shoe. R Boog Industries sells the overlays through specialty woodworking outlets. The company's website has a list of distributors.

The Milescraft SawGuide edge guide is available at hardware stores or home centers. We ordered it from Woodcraft (147761).

The EasyCoper will turn your jig saw into a power coping saw. You can purchase it from the Woodsmith Store, or you can order it from the manufacturer (listed below).


Woodsmith Store in Clive
R Boog Industries