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Multi-Purpose Table

Multi-Purpose Table

The multi-purpose table on page 36 of ShopNotes No. 95 is designed to provide a solid, stable platform for working on hobbies and crafts.

The hardware used in this project, including the T-track (12K79.34) and rare-earth magnets (99K37.01), can be purchased from Lee Valley. The insert knobs (DK-82), drawer knobs (DK-77), leg knobs (DK-86), threaded inserts (EZ-14), and suitcase handle (AHC-4) were purchased at Reid Supply. The holddowns (21912) and flange bolts (34771) are from Rockler.

The rich tan color for the leather top can be achieved with Fiebing's leather dye and Tan-Kote protective finish. These products are available at most shoe repair stores or you can check Fiebing's website for a store in your area.


Lee Valley
Reid Supply

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