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Online Extras

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Jigs & Accessories

4 / Jigs and Accessories

Three table saw accessories: Small-Piece Clamp, Push Block, and Table Saw Jointing.

Tool Review

10 / Elu Plunge Router

The Elu #3338 plunge router is put to the test and comes out a real winner.


12 / Crosscutting

Problems involved with crosscutting on the table saw and helpful tips on solving them.

In The Shop

14 / Table Saw Cabinet

This simple cabinet mounts to the side of a table saw providing storage for blades, a rip fence, various accessories, and even a miter gauge.

Feature Project

16 / Router Table

This router table is loaded with options starting with a very simple base. (As a special bonus we’ve included a set of plans for an enclosed router cabinet.)

Feature Project

18 / Router Table Top

The sandwich construction of the top provides a heavy, vibration-free work surface. And allows a smooth surface for the miter gauge slot and the removable insert plate.

Feature Project

22 / Router Table Fence

Sliding faces allow you to vary the bit opening to fit the bit you’re using. The T-slot makes attaching accessories quick and easy.

Feature Project

26 / Fence Accessories

A bit guard, free-hand guard, adjustable featherboard, and shop vacuum attachment make the router table safer and easier to use.

30 / Book Review

A look at The Workshop Book by Scott Landis.


Tips & Techniques

28 / Shop Solutions

Five shop-tested tips: A Spring-Loaded Sanding Block. A Woodscrew Tip. Sawhorse Tray. Pipe Clamp Rack. And a Magnetic Tool Bar.

32 / Scenes from the Shop