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All About Handscrews All About Handscrews

Wall-Mounted Clamp Rack Wall-Mounted Clamp Rack

Table Saw Project Center Table Saw Project Center

Handsaw Miter Box Handsaw Miter Box


Hands-On Technique

14 / Perfect Mitered Molding

Adding molding to a project shouldn’t be a challenge. Get it right with these simple steps.

Storage Solutions

Online Extra
16 / Wall-Mounted Clamp Rack

This easy-to-build, compact clamp rack takes up a small area of wall space and can be customized to fit the clamps you have.

Dream Shop Project

Online Extra
24 / Table Saw Project Center

Replace the wings of your table saw and turn it into a multi-purpose workcenter for sawing, routing, clamping, drilling, and assembly.

Best-Built Jigs & Fixtures

36 / Handsaw Miter Box

It’s often easier to work small parts by hand. And this handsaw miter box gives you the ability to make accurate cuts on the money.


4 / Readers' Tips

Router Workshop

8 / Rockler Box Joint Jig

Start cutting snug-fitting box joints in just minutes with this handy router table jig.

Materials & Hardware

10 / 7 Must-Have Tapes

These seven tapes can solve some clamping challenges and tackle general shop needs.

Jigs & Accessories

12 / Dealing with Dust

Don’t breathe dust if you don’t have to. The right dust mask is the best solution.

Tips From Our Shop

22 / Shop Short Cuts

Check out our shop-tested tips and techniques to solve your woodworking problems.

Hands-On Review

34 / Choosing Countersinks

Pick the right countersink and get a better fit and finish on every project you build.

In The Shop

Online Extra
40 / All About Handscrews

Useful clamp or ancient relic? Learn why your shop should have a set of handscrews.

Setting Up Shop

42 / Super Sawhorse Add-Ons

Sawhorses come in handy in the shop. Here’s how to get double-duty out of the ones you have.

Mastering the Table Saw

44 / Mortises Made Easy

Mortises on the table saw? You bet. Here are three techniques for doing it right.

Great Gear

48 / The Latest in Clamps

Discover what’s new in clamps — more power, adjustable pressure, and extra capacity.


50 / Q & A

Have a woodworking or shop-related question? Send it in - the editors will answer it here.

52 / Scenes from the Shop