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A Look at Bevel-Up Planes A Look at Bevel-Up Planes

Drill Press Sharpening Station Drill Press Sharpening Station

Storage Cabinet Makeover Storage Cabinet Makeover

Utility Tool Tote Utility Tool Tote


Best-Built Jigs & Fixtures

14 / Drill Press Sharpening Station

Turn your drill press into a precision sharpening machine. In just minutes, you’ll be able to quickly and easily put a razor-sharp edge on any chisel or plane iron.

Storage Solutions

Online Extra
24 / Storage Cabinet Makeover

Add some slide-in cases, shelves, and drawers to an ordinary steel cabinet and transform it into a customized tool storage center.

Hands-On Technique

32 / Dealing with Glue Squeezeout

Glue squeezeout - it’s going to happen. Here are a few tips and tricks that show you the best ways to deal with it.

Weekend Project

34 / Utility Tool Tote

This tool tote is a simple solution for organizing and transporting tools out of the shop. Plus, it doubles as a handy step stool.

Fine Tools

40 / Layout Gauges

These one-of-a-kind gauges make accurate layouts a snap. And best of all, you can build them in just a few hours in the shop.


Readers' Tips

4 / Tips for your Shop

Router Workshop

8 / Routing Perfect Profiles

Learn the best tips and techniques for getting great results when routing profiles.

Jigs & Accessories

10 / Hinge Mortising Made Easy

Here are four jigs that make routing hinge mortises quick, easy, and accurate.

Hands-On Technique

12 / Changing Planer Knives

Smooth, tearout-free planing is just a knife change away. Here’s what you need to know.

Tips From Our Shop

22 / Shop Short Cuts

In The Shop

38 / A Look at Bevel-Up Planes

The key to great results with a hand plane is the right bevel angle. Is a bevel-up plane the solution?

Setting Up Shop

44 / 3 Table Saw Blade Storage Solutions

These handy organizers will keep your table saw blades close at hand and stored safely.

Mastering the Table Saw

46 / Making a Zero-Clearance Insert

This shop-made, low-cost accessory for your table saw is a great way to get clean, safe cuts.

Great Gear

48 / Getting a Grip on Sheet Goods

Moving sheet goods can be a pain. Here’s some back-saving gear to lighten the load.


50 / Q & A
52 / Scenes from the Shop