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Hands-On Technique

12 / Accurate Miter Saw Crosscuts

Turn your miter saw into a tool for making precision crosscuts. These tips, techniques, and shop-made upgrades will allow you to get more from this shop workhorse.

Dream Shop Project

Online Extra
14 / Wall-Mounted Miter Saw Station

This unique design features flip-up fences, storage, and dust collection. And when the work is done, the fences fold down and the saw slides back to open up the worksurfaces for other uses.

Storage Solutions

Online Extra
26 / Multipurpose Shop Cart

Tough and sturdy, you’ll be making use of this shop cart on every project you build. It has built-in storage and a large worksurface for handling just about any task.

Weekend Project

Online Extra
36 / Portable Clipboard Storage Case

Keep plans, drafting supplies, and measuring tools close at hand with this stylish storage case.


Readers' Tips

4 / Reader Tips

Router Workshop

8 / Routing Small Parts

Simple add-ons are the key to safely routing small parts on your router table.

Materials & Hardware

10 / Problem Solving Shop Supplies

Learn the “secret” items our editors keep on hand to tackle many of their shop challenges.

Tips From Our Shop

24 / Shop Short Cuts

Check out our shop-tested tips and techniques for solving your woodworking problems.

Hands-On Technique

34 / Gluing Up a Laminated Top

A step-by-step process is all it takes to turn a set of wood strips into a flat, smooth top

In The Shop

42 / 5 Super Hero Chisels

Bench chisels are a must, but these specialty chisels will take your work to the next level.

Setting Up Shop

44 / Sanding Starter Kit

Sanding doesn’t have to be a chore. With this small kit, you’ll get great results in no time at all.

Mastering the Table Saw

46 / Strong & Sturdy Bridle Joints

Create frame and panel assemblies with just your table saw. We show you how.

Great Gear

Online Extra
48 / The Super FMT Jig

Learn more about Leigh’s lower-cost alternative for creating mortise and tenon joinery.

52 / Scenes from the Shop