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Hands-On Technique

14 / Quick & Easy Panel Flattening

A pair of simple tools and the right technique is all it takes to flatten panels of any size.

Storage Solutions

Online Extra
16 / Low-Cost Utility Cart

Eye-catching and rock-solid, this shop cart is just the solution for odd jobs around the shop.

Best-Built Jigs & Fixtures

24 / Drill Press Edge Sander

Powered by your drill press, this hard-working add-on is the perfect sanding solution.

Fine Tools

32 / Shop-Made Marking Knives

Accurate work starts with precise layouts. These marking knives are the answer.

Weekend Project

38 / Air Tool Wall Cabinet

Keep your air nailers at the ready with this easy-to-build, wall-mounted storage center.


Readers' Tips

4 / Reader Tips

Router Workshop

8 / Simple Solutions for Flush Trimming

Get more from your router by using these tips and tricks to make perfect parts.

Jigs & Accessories

10 / Making Wood Hinges

Create custom wood hinges with these step-by-step instructions and the Incra jig.

Materials & Hardware

12 / Details That Make a Difference

Pinstripes are a great way to add detail to a project. Here are the steps for doing it right.

Shop Shortcuts

22 / Shop Short Cuts

Check out our shop-tested tips and techniques for solving your woodworking problems.

Hands-On Technique

36 / Tips & Tricks for Rounding Corners

You’ll find these tips make quick work of rounding corners on any workpiece.

In The Shop

42 / Fast Fixes for Project Flaws

Learn how shop-made filler can fix the small flaws that detract from the look of a project.

Setting Up Shop

44 / Assembly Starter Kit

Assembling a project can be hectic. Here are a few items that minimize the hassle.

Mastering the Table Saw

46 / Cutting Metal

Cut metal on the table saw? You can with the right blade and a few shop-tested techniques.

Great Gear

48 / New High-Tech Tools

Check out the latest tools for adding a few high-tech problem-solvers to your shop.


50 / Questions from our Readers
52 / Scenes from the Shop