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Jigs & Accessories

4 / Straight-Edge Cutting Guide

A unique clamping system makes it easy to guide your circular saw for straight and accurate cuts.

Jigs & Accessories

8 / Drill Press Foot Pedal

This foot pedal frees up your hands so that you can accurately position a workpiece for drilling.

In The Shop

10 / Dado Blades

A look at the different types of dado blades. Plus some new variations on traditional blades.

In The Shop

12 / Tips on Using Dado Blades

Tips and techniques to make clean and accurate cuts with a dado blade.


14 / Changing Jointer Knives

All it takes to change and adjust the knives on your jointer is a straightedge and a little patience.

Feature Project

16 / Disk Sander

Get professional quality results with this shop-built bench-top disk sander. It features a large, flat table that tilts for angled sanding, and a built-in vacuum port.

Feature Project

25 / Disk Sander Stand

This stand provides a stable foundation for the disk sander. A hollow column can be filled with sand or bricks to “anchor” the stand in place and reduce vibration.

Hardware Store

30 / T-nuts

These inexpensive knock-down fasteners hold a project together securely without stripping out. And best of all, they’re readily available at most hardware stores.


Tips & Techniques

28 / Shop Solutions

Six Shop-Tested Tips: Knock-Down Sawhorse, Alternate Bench Vise, Clamp Pad, Allen Wrench Organizer, Tip for Cutting Metal Threads, and a Leather Strop Tip

32 / Scenes from the Shop