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Weekend Workshop

14 / Benchtop Tool Caddy

Keeping often-used tools and supplies close at hand couldn’t be simpler with this revolving caddy. Plus, it’s a quick and easy build.

Storage Solutions

Online Extra
18 / 3-in-1 Drill Press Upgrade

Storage, mobility, and accuracy come together in this collection of projects. Build one or all three to get more out of your drill press.

Hands-On Technique

26 / Ripping on the Band Saw

Band saws aren’t just for cutting curves. Learn how to get great results the next time you need to make a rip cut.

Dream Shop Project

Online Extra
30 / One-Wall Workshop

This modular workshop combines beauty and utility in one super project. Plus, you can customize the design to suit any shop.


4 / Readers' Tips

Router Workshop

8 / Box Joints with a Dovetail Jig

Dust off your dovetail jig and put it to use making rock-solid box joints.

Jigs & Accessories

10 / Must-Have, Low-Cost Tools

These handy hammers are often the key to success. Learn which one is right for the task.

Materials & Hardware

12 / Quick & Easy Drawer Construction

Pre-made components make the process of building drawers the fastest part of a project.

Shop Shortcuts

28 / Shop Short Cuts

Hands-On Technique

40 / Working with Glass

Glass is a great material for many projects. Here are some tips for using it successfully.

In The Shop

42 / 5 Simple Joints for Every Shop

A woodworking joint doesn’t have to be complicated to work well. Check out our favorites.

Setting Up Shop

44 / Back Saw Basics

Find out why a back saw is the perfect tool for many common shop tasks.

Mastering the Table Saw

46 / Making Safe Cuts

Safety shouldn’t be left to chance. Learn the basics of safe ripping and crosscutting.

Great Gear

48 / All About Drill Bit Sets

Tired of hunting for the right size drill bit? We take a look at drill bit sets that make it easy.

50 / Q&A
52 / Scenes from the Shop