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Jigs & Accessories

4 / Router Bit Storage Cabinet

You can both protect and organize your router bits by building this handy storage cabinet.

In The Shop

8 / Scroll Saw Blades

A look at the different types, styles, and sizes of blades that give the best results when using a scroll saw.


10 / Band Saw Set-Up

Changing the blade on a band saw is easy when you follow these step by step instructions. We’ll take you through tracking, tensioning, and adjusting the blade guides.

Feature Project

14 / Dust Collection System

This shop-made dust collector features a two-stage system. The first stage removes large chips. And the second stage filters out fine dust particles.

Feature Project

15 / Cyclone

Plywood and metal flashing combine to make the first stage of the dust collector — a cyclone that funnels large chips into a roll-around chip bin.

Feature Project

22 / Filter Box

By wrapping an inexpensive fabric around a simple frame, you can form the second stage of the dust collection system which filters out fine dust particles.

Feature Project

24 / Pipe & Hook-Ups

All it takes to connect your power tools to our dust collector or your existing collector is a system of pipes and these shop-built hook-ups.


Readers' Tips

28 / Shop Solutions

Six Shop-Tested Tips: Toggle Clamp Stop Block, Shop-Made Utility Knife, Measurement Tip, a Tip for Rubbing Out a Finish, Sawhorse with Insert, and a Tip for Installing a Strike Plate


30 / Plywood Veneers

The appearance and cost of a sheet of plywood can vary greatly depending on how the face veneer is cut.

32 / Scenes from the Shop