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Weekend Workshop

14 / Pocket Hole Jig Workstation

Make your pocket hole jig work harder with this portable workstation. Must-have features include adjustable stops, enhanced workpiece support, and built-in storage.

Best-Built Jigs & Fixtures

20 / Planer Sled

This simple sled makes it easy to flatten the wide face of a twisted or warped board using a thickness planer.

Best-Built Jigs & Fixtures

Online Extra
24 / Dust Collector Station

Paired with a mini-cyclone, this system turns your shop vacuum into a super dust collector.

Weekend Workshop

34 / Top-Notch Workbench

Looking for an easy-to-build, all-purpose workbench? This one goes together quickly, yet it’s sturdy enough for any shop task.


Readers' Tips

4 / Readers’ Tips

Router Workshop

8 / Tip & Tricks for Precise Dadoes

Learn the key details for routing accurate dadoes at your router table.

Jigs & Accessories

10 / Rockler T-Track Tabletop

Every shop needs a great worksurface. This new system from Rockler has a lot of great features.

Materials & Hardware

12 / Better Way to Buy Sheet Goods

When it comes to working with sheet goods, small project panels are a great solution.

Hands-On Technique

30 / 5 Keys to Trim End Grain

Follow these sure-fire tips for making accurate cuts and fine-tune end grain surfaces.

Shop Shortcuts

32 / Shop Short Cuts

Check out our shop-tested tips and techniques for solving your woodworking problems.

In The Shop

40 / Shop Vacuum Overview

Here’s what you need to know when choosing a new vacuum for your shop.

Setting Up Shop

44 / Creative Clamp Storage

Check out these great storage solutions for keeping your clamps organized.

Mastering the Table Saw

46 / Tough Miter Cuts Made Easy

Miters are challenging — compound miters even more so. These steps will guide you to success.

Great Gear

48 / Top Safety Gear

Dollar for dollar, faceshields are a worthwhile investment for improving shop safety.

50 / Q&A