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Jigs & Accessories

4 / Band Saw Circle Jig

Cutting perfect circles is easy with this shop-made jig for your band saw. A built-in tape and indicator let you quickly set up to cut almost any size circle.


8 / Belt Sander Maintenance

All it takes to keep your belt sander running smooth and trouble-free is a routine cleaning and inspection.

Shop Project

10 / Shop Tote

A unique design provides a handle for each tray of this handy tote. Then the two halvese combine to form one grip to carry parts, tools, or hardware wherever you need them.

In The Shop

14 / Epoxy Systems

An in-depth look at using epoxy systems in the shop: from measuring and mixing, to tips on application. Plus step by step instructions on how to make your own filler.

Feature Project

16 / Sliding Table

If you’ve ever tried to crosscut a large panel on a table saw, you’ll appreciate this shop-built sliding table. It features a built-in fence that slips on and off for quick and accurate set-ups.


24 / Chisel Techniques

Making a controlled cut with a chisel depends on using the right grip and a few simple techniques.

Hardware Store

30 / Springs

Two types of springs to improve the performance of your shop-built jigs and fixtures.


Readers' Tips

28 / Shop Solutions

Five Shop-Tested Tips: C-Clamp Rack, Hole Saw Relief, Cut-Off Gauge, Pinch Blocks, and a Tip for Keeping Power Cords Out of the Way

32 / Scenes from the Shop