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Jigs & Accessories

4 / Circular Saw Cut-Off Jig

This shop-built accessory allows you to use your portable circular saw to make perfectly straight or angled cuts with dead-on accuracy.


8 / Flexible Veneer

A close-up look at the different types of flexible veneer. Also, step-by-step instructions for applying and finishing flexible veneer to produce professional-looking results.

Shop Project

12 / Drill Bit Cabinet

Organize your drill bits and accessories with this compact cabinet. It features storage trays that tilt out for easy access to your bits, and an optional drawer for accessories.

Feature Project

16 / Radial Arm Saw Stand

This modular system is more than just a stand for your radial arm saw. By taking advantage of the unused space under your saw, it makes it easy to organize cutoffs, sheet goods, and scrap pieces of wood.

24 / Reducing Tool Noise

The noise your tools generate doesn’t have to drive your family (or neighbors) out of the house. Here are some simple tips for putting a damper on the worst offenders.


Readers' Tips

28 / Shop Solutions

Six Shop-Tested Tips: Band Saw Fence, Adjustable Runner for Miter Gauge Slot, Putty Shield, “Window” for your Dust Collector, plus two Quick Tips.


30 / Medium-Density Fiberboard

Because it’s flat, smooth, and dimensionally stable, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is an ideal material for many projects.

32 / Scenes from the Shop