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Shop Project

4 / Adjustable Sawhorse

A versatile sawhorse that raises up and down to handle almost any job. Then knocks down for compact storage.


8 / Cutting Tapers on a Jointer

Get crisp, clean tapers on a jointer without using any special jigs or complicated layout procedures.

Fine Tools

12 / Combination Layout Tool

This unique tool combines a marking gauge to lay out joinery, and a beam compass to draw large arcs and circles.

Feature Project

16 / Lumber Storage Rack

This sturdy storage rack provides easy access to all your long boards, short cutoffs, and sheet goods.

In The Shop

22 / Containing Noise in the Shop

A step-by-step approach to treating ceilings and walls so noise from the shop won’t slip through.

Jigs & Accessories

26 / Band Clamp

All it takes is a few hours to build this shop-made band clamp. It’s ideal for clamping large or odd-shaped projects.

Finishing Room

30 / Aniline Dyes

Clear, bright colors that can be mixed to match an existing color make aniline dyes worth a close look.


Readers' Tips

28 / Shop Solutions

Six shop-tested tips from our readers.

32 / Scenes from the Shop