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Online Extras

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Jigs & Accessories

4 / Drill Press Caddy

This handy Drill Press Caddy provides instant access to your bits and accessories.

Jigs & Accessories

7 / Radial Arm Saw Fence

A versatile Radial Arm Saw Fence along with two shop-made fence accessories: a stop block and a hold-down.

In The Shop

10 / Combustibles

How to prevent spontaneous combustion from occuring in your shop. Also, tips on safe disposal of finishing supplies and materials.


12 / Hand Scrapers

Two methods for sharpening a scraper let you create a cutting burr in just a few minutes. (We’ve also included a burnishing jig to make it even faster.)

Feature Project

16 / Storage System

This wall-mounted storage system features a variety of shop-made bins. The different-sized bins allow you to customize the system to meet your storage needs.

Fine Tools

22 / Joiner's Mallet

Laminated construction is combined with lead weights to create a mallet with excellent balance and heft.


26 / Hand-Cut Mortises

The right tools coupled with a simple technique will have you cutting mortises by hand in no time.

Hardware Store

30 / Soss Hinges

A brief history, applications, and tips on installation.


Tips & Techniques

28 / Shop Solutions

Five shop-tested tips: A Countersink and Bit Organizer, Framing Square Stop, Finishing Stand-Offs, Radial Arm Saw Depth Stop, And an Idea for Gluing-Up.

32 / Scenes from the Shop