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Jigs & Accessories

4 / Drill Press Hold-Down

It’s easy to drill precision holes on the drill press when you use this hold-down to “lock” your workpiece in position.

Shop Project

10 / Sanding Table

Eliminate the cloud of dust produced every time you sand with this benchtop sanding table.


12 / Box Joints: Router Table

Perfect box joints. That’s what you’ll get when you cut them on the router table using our simple step-by-step approach.

Feature Project

16 / Wall-Mounted Tool Cabinet

This wall-mounted cabinet provides a home for all your tools. It not only protects them — but organizes them as well.

Feature Project

20 / Tool Holders

One of the simplest ways to protect a tool is to make a holder for it. We’ll look at customizing holders for nine different tools.


26 / Solid Wood Edging

You can give a plywood project the appearance of solid wood by trimming the edges with hardwood. Here’s how.


Great Tips

8 / Jointer Tips

Our favorite tips to help you get the most out of your jointer.

Selecting Tools

22 / Tape Measures

Which of the eight popular tape measures that we tested is best for you? Our two-man team offers suggestions.

Small Shop

24 / Roll-Around Tool Base

Moving heavy tools in the shop is no longer a wrestling match when you use this simple roll-around base.

Readers' Tips

28 / Shop Solutions

Six shop-tested solutions from our readers.


30 / Particleboard

A look at different grades of particleboard and their uses.

Finishing Room

31 / Oil Stains

True colors that don’t fade. Oil stains offer this and more.

32 / Scenes from the Shop