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Shop Project

4 / Sanding Table & Air Filter System

Solve two problems at once with this mobile sanding table. It collects the dust produced when sanding. And it filters fine dust particles out of the air.


8 / Pattern Cutting on a Band Saw

You can cut identical curved pieces quickly and accurately on the band saw by using this simple technique.

Hands-On Project

10 / Arched-Top Clock

It’s hard to stop after making just one of these arched-top clocks. We offer several tricks to get “production” rolling.

Feature Project

16 / Heavy-Duty Workbench

You won’t spend a lot of time or money building this sturdy workbench. Made from ordinary construction materials, its large work surface provides several clamping options.


Small Shop

12 / Sawdust in the Small Shop

Two strategies for dealing with dust. Contain as much as possible at the tool that produces the dust. And use filters to keep the fine dust particles out of your lungs.

Great Tips

14 / Layout Tips

From making a center marker to drawing arcs, here’s a collection of quick tips for getting accurate layouts.

Selecting Tools

22 / Band Saws

Confused about the best band saw to buy? Our three-man team puts six medium-duty saws to the test and offers practical suggestions on which one to choose.

Readers' Tips

28 / Shop Solutions

Our readers offer their own shop-tested solutions to some of the most common woodworking problems.


30 / Softwood Plywood

Knowing the different grades of softwood plywood will help you select the best material for the project at hand.

Finishing Room

31 / Specialty Finishes

Two special finishes with a twist. One creates the look and feel of granite. The other gives the appearance of marble.

32 / Scenes from the Shop