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Fine Tools

4 / Scraper Plane

Designed to hold an ordinary steel scraper, this shop-built plane makes it easy to get a smooth, uniform surface.


8 / Splined Miters

Here’s a simple technique that adds lots of strength to your miter joints. Just rout a slot and glue in a spline.

Related Project

10 / Picnic Table

With splined miters and a “shortcut” version of a mortise and tenon, this good-looking picnic table is built to last.

Feature Project

16 / Sliding Cutoff Table

Cut wide glued-up panels or pieces of plywood safely and accurately with this sliding cutoff table. And an adjustable fence allows you to make angled cuts as well.

In The Shop

22 / Drilling Holes for Screws

There’s more to drilling holes for screws than meets the eye. The key is the size and sequence you drill the holes.


Great Tips

14 / Plywood Tips

A collection of our best tips for working with plywood.

Small Shop

24 / Pegboard Storage

Lots of storage in a compact space. That’s the idea behind the unique design of this pegboard storage system.

Selecting Tools

26 / Quick Clamps

We test three different “quick clamps” and offer practical suggestions on which one to choose.

Readers' Tips

28 / Shop Solutions

Our readers offer their own shop-tested solutions to some of the most common woodworking problems.


30 / Redwood

Building a project out of redwood? Understanding the different grades can affect both its cost and durability.

Finishing Room

31 / Outdoor Finishes

A look at three finishes that resist the extremes of weather.

32 / Scenes from the Shop