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Jigs & Accessories

4 / Slip-on Auxiliary Fence

This auxiliary fence slips over your rip fence so you can cut rabbets or support tall workpieces.

Jigs & Accessories

6 / Bevel Grinding Jig

Grinding a precise, even bevel on a chisel or plane iron is easy once you’ve built this handy jig.

Jigs & Accessories

8 / Router Trammel

Cut perfect circles or arcs with your router and this shop-made trammel.

Feature Project

10 / Tool Carry-All

A removable tray for small jobs and a storage tray for organizing parts and hardware are just two of the features of this handy Carry-All.


16 / Plate Joinery

Make tight-fitting joints quickly and easily by cutting matching slots and then gluing in a wood “biscuit.”

Tool Review

20 / Plate Joiners

A review of four plate joiners priced for the home workshop: Ryobi, Freud, Porter-Cable, and Skil.

Feature Project

22 / Clamping Station

A flexible clamping station for gluing-up perfectly flat panels and frames. And it doubles as an assembly area.

Hardware Store

28 / Toggle Clamps

A look at these versatile clamps along with tips and ideas on how to use them in your shop.



18 / Making Plate Joints

Tips & Techniques

26 / Shop Solutions

Four shop-tested tips: A Drill Press Clamp, Scraper Holder, Shop-Made Bench Vise, And a Tip for Storing your Shop Manuals.

32 / Scenes from the Shop