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Hands-On Project

6 / Serving Tray

The curved sides and the bent wood handles of this serving tray are both made by gluing up thin strips of wood. But they provide two different bending challenges.

Shop Project

12 / Table Saw Insert

This shop-made insert for your table saw has a “zero-clearance” opening for the blade that provides a safe way to rip thin strips. And it reduces chipout as well.


15 / Ripping Thin Strips

Two different methods for ripping thin strips of wood to a uniform thickness — just what you need to ensure success when making a bent lamination project.

Shop Project

16 / Flush Trim Jig

Trimming solid wood edging flush with the surface of a workpiece is easy with this flush trim jig. All you need is a hand-held router and a straight bit. There’s also an optional edge guide for routing rabbets.


20 / Bent Lamination

What’s the secret to bending wood into a graceful, flowing curve? It’s the details. We show you how to “read” the grain of the wood strips used to make a bent lamination, design the bending jigs, and glue up the strips.

Hands-On Project

24 / Fishing Net

The bent wood frame of this fishing net is accented by a walnut strip and handle that are sandwiched between four maple strips. Just string the net on the frame and head off to your favorite fishin’ hole.


4 / Readers' Tips

Our readers offer their own shop-tested tips for solving some of the most common woodworking problems.

Tips From Our Shop

30 / Shop Solutions

These tips from the guys in our shop make it easy to get professional-looking results on the projects in this issue.

32 / Scenes from the Shop