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Jigs & Accessories

6 / Adjustable Planer Jig

A unique tilting table lets you bevel a workpiece safely and accurately using a portable thickness planer.


10 / Lathe Scrapers

A simple burr. That’s the secret to getting crisp, clean cuts when turning a project on the lathe.

Weekend Project

12 / Turned Ring Boxes

Three simple ring boxes that can be turned from start to finish with just a scraper and a parting tool.

Feature Project

16 / Drill Press Stand

This roll-around stand for your benchtop drill press features three pull-out trays to help organize all your drill bits and accessories.

Feature Project

22 / Drill Press Table & Fence

Turn your drill press into a real woodworking tool with this simple table and adjustable fence.


24 / Logs to Lumber

There may be a great source of inexpensive lumber in your own backyard. Here’s one woodworker’s story.


28 / Finishing on a Lathe

The best time to apply a finish to a turning project is before you take it off the lathe. We show you how.


29 / Making a Jam Chuck

You don’t need a special chuck to mount a project to the lathe. Just fit it onto a “jam” chuck that you turn from scrap.


Tips & Techniques

4 / Reader's Tips

Tips From Our Shop

30 / Shop Solutions
32 / Scenes from the Shop