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Jigs & Accessories

4 / Hinge Mortising Jig

All it takes to make perfect hinge mortises is a router and this simple jig.

Jigs & Accessories

8 / Thickness Sanding Jig

Sanding thin wood so it’s smooth and uniform in thickness is easy with this jig for your drill press.

Jigs & Accessories

11 / Shop-Made Drum Sander

A bolt, some toy wheels, and a piece of PVC pipe are all you need to make your own drum sander.


12 / Sharpening Hand Saws

There’s nothing mysterious to sharpening a hand saw. All it takes is a few simple tools and a little practice.

Feature Project

16 / Panel Saw

This shop-built panel saw allows one person to easily crosscut or rip a full sheet of plywood or Masonite. It’s made with common materials and hardware.

Feature Project

24 / Panel Saw Tune-Up

Tips on adjusting the panel saw to make precise cuts every time.

Feature Project

25 / Using the Panel Saw

In The Shop

26 / Motor Vibration

Some quick tips to reduce troublesome vibration in belt-driven machines.

Hardware Store

30 / Combination Screws

A unique thread design and recess in the head make these screws the perfect choice for the shop.


Tips & Techniques

28 / Shop Solutions

Five shop-tested tips: Saw Blade Storage Rack, Edge Jointing Tip, Installing Threaded Inserts, Clamping Irregular Shapes, and File Handles.

32 / Scenes from the Shop