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Shop Project

6 / Portable Hose Reel

Build this shop-made hose reel and you’ll never waste time untangling the hose on your air compressor. Just give the hose a pull, then wind it up when you’re done.

In The Shop

12 / Drafting Tools

Whether you’re making a detailed drawing or a simple cutting diagram, it pays to have a basic set of drafting tools. Here’s a look at the tools we recommend.

Feature Project

16 / Fold-Down Drafting Table

This wall-hung drafting table folds down to provide a large drawing surface. With its built-in T-square and a compartment to hold your drafting tools, it has everything you need to make detailed shop drawings.

Fine Tools

24 / Scratch Stock

Looking for a way to add a subtle detail that will set your next project apart? Try cutting a decorative profile with this scratch stock. With a metal cutter filed to the desired profile, just pull the scratch stock across the workpiece.


30 / Bird's-Eye Maple

It’s a mystery how the tiny “eyes” in bird’s-eye maple are formed. But they’re certain to attract a lot of attention. We offer tips on working with this highly-figured wood.


4 / Readers' Tips

Shop-tested tips from our readers to solve their most common woodworking problems. Plus two quick tips.

Tips From Our Shop

14 / Shop Solutions

Here’s a selection of tips from the guys in our shop that will make it easy to build the projects in this issue.

32 / Scenes from the Shop