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Shop Project

6 / Dovetailed Toolbox

With its solid wood construction and strong dovetail joints, this sturdy pine toolbox is built to last. It also features two removable bins for organizing small tools.

In The Shop

12 / Plastics in the Woodshop

Four different types of plastic that are sure to improve the performance of your woodworking jigs and fixtures.

In The Shop

14 / Working with Plastics

Here are some handy tips that will help you get good results when working with plastics.

Feature Project

16 / Dovetail Jig

This shop-made dovetail jig provides an easy way to rout perfect-fitting dovetail joints. The secret is a set of finger-shaped templates that establish the basic size and shape of the dovetails.

Jigs & Accessories

26 / Steady Rest

If you’re turning a long, thin spindle on the lathe, this steady rest provides all the support that’s needed to keep it from flexing. A simple wood wedge ensures continuous contact as the spindle gets smaller in diameter.


30 / Buying Pine

Building a project out of pine? You can save money by knowing the different grades. Also, avoid problems by working around defects in the lumber.


4 / Readers' Tips

Our readers offer their own shop-tested tips to some of their most common woodworking problems.

32 / Scenes from the Shop