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Shop Project

6 / Dowel Storage Rack

With four “stairstep” compartments, this shop-made storage rack makes it easy to organize dowels by length. Also, a set of drawers provides storage for all your doweling supplies.


10 / Using a Skew Chisel

This versatile turning tool does it all — from making a glass smooth planing cut, to turning a bead. Here are some simple tips and techniques to show you how.

In The Shop

14 / Selecting Grinding Wheels

The secret to sharpening a tool on a bench grinder is using the correct grinding wheel. Check out these handy guidelines for choosing the right one.

Feature Project

16 / Grinding Station

A sturdy mounting platform, a clean, well-lit sharpening area, and plenty of storage. That’s what you get when you build this wall-mounted station for your benchtop grinder.

Selecting Tools

24 / Benchtop Drill Presses

Our editors test four benchtop drill presses — and the results are in. Find out which one is best. Also, a close-up look at a drill press designed especially for woodworkers.

Fine Tools

28 / Scratch Awl

Each of these scratch awls has the look and feel of a finely crafted tool. Yet it only takes an hour or two to complete. Our step-by-step plans make it easy.


4 / Readers' Tips

Our readers offer their own shop-tested tips dealing with some of the most common woodworking problems.

31 / New Products

Three new products that are sure to come in handy in your shop. Plus, information on where to get them.

32 / Scenes from the Shop