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Jigs & Accessories

4 / Small-Piece Miter Box

Cut tight-fitting miters on small pieces of trim with this shop-made miter box.

In The Shop

8 / Small Shop Tips

Five space-saving tips to make your woodworking shop more comfortable and efficient.

Shop Project

10 / Tool Handles

Manufactured handles are designed so “one size fits all.” A custom-turned handle looks and feels better.

Jigs & Accessories

14 / Turning Jig

You don’t have to own a lathe to turn wood. This simple jig lets you turn small projects on your drill press.

Feature Project

16 / Roll-Around Shop Cart

Pegboard panels and pull-out trays combine to create much-needed storage space. Adding casters converts the cart into a mobile work surface.


22 / Stub Tenon & Groove

The secret to this strong and simple joint is to glue a man-made panel into the grooves of a frame.

Fine Tools

24 / Adjustable Set-Up Gauge

This shop-built precision gauge ensures accurate height, depth, and distance measurements.


Tips & Techniques

28 / Shop Solutions

Five shop-tested tips: Drilling Tip, Scroll Saw Blade Organizer, A Tip for Turning, Squaring a Miter Gauge, and Pads for C-clamps.


30 / Lumber Thickness

Find out why mills, lumber yards, and retail outlets often use different terms to designate lumber thickness.

32 / Scenes from the Shop