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Cover ShopNotes No. 65

Adjustable V-Block System Adjustable V-Block System

Shooting Board Shooting Board

Heavy-Duty Workbench Heavy-Duty Workbench

Edge-Sanding Block Edge-Sanding Block


Jigs & Accessories

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6 / Adjustable V-Block System

You’ve never seen a jig that looks — or works — like this one. This is more than just a V-block. It’s a whole drill press system. With it, you’ll be able to drill accurate holes in anything from simple dowels to irregular-shaped objects.

Shop Project

12 / Shooting Board

Need to “tweak” a mitered joint or plane the end of a workpiece perfectly square? With this shop-made shooting board, you can slice razor-thin shavings for a perfect fit.


16 / Using a Shooting Board

Using a shooting board starts with setting it up for your hand plane. Then get the most out of it with a few handy tips and techniques that will work with any shooting board.

Feature Project

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18 / Heavy-Duty Workbench

This heavy-duty workbench incorporates easy-to-build features with up-to-date materials and hardware. With its rock-solid construction and two handy vises, this bench can handle just about anything you can throw at it.

Shop Project

30 / Edge-Sanding Block

There’s no doubt sanding is a hassle — especially when it comes to plywood edging. Our adjustable, edge-sanding block makes sanding less of a chore and more accurate.


4 / Readers' Tips

Shop-tested tips to solve common woodworking problems.

32 / Shop Talk

When it comes to hand planes, it’s hard to know exactly what you need. In this issue, learn about some basic planes and what they are used for.

34 / Tool Chest

Here’s a look at a couple products that are designed to make your woodworking safer and more enjoyable.

36 / Scenes from the Shop