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Cover ShopNotes No. 93

Top 10 Hand-Held Router Accessories Top 10 Hand-Held Router Accessories

Maintenance for Your Saw Blades Maintenance for Your Saw Blades

5 Plywood Shop Projects 5 Plywood Shop Projects

Dovetail Jig Workcenter Dovetail Jig Workcenter


Storage Solutions

16 / 5 Plywood Shop Projects

It won’t take a lot of time, effort, or material to improve your shop with these handy plywood projects. Each one can be built from a single sheet of inexpensive plywood.

Weekend Workshop

30 / Table Saw Outfeed Support

Ripping long workpieces on your table saw can be a struggle. This easy-to-build outfeed support gives you an extra hand when you need it — and it stores easily when you don’t.

Hands-On Technique

34 / Tips & Tricks for Great Dovetails

A dovetail jig is just the start of great looking half-blind dovetails. For top-notch results, try out these shop-tested tips and techniques.

Best-Built Jigs & Fixtures

Online Extra
36 / Dovetail Jig Workcenter

This workcenter is a handy addition to any shop. It’s loaded with features that provide storage for the jig and accessories, improved accuracy, and added comfort as you work.


4 / Readers' Tips

Router Workshop

8 / Top 10 Hand-Held Router Accessories

Get more out of your hand-held router with a few simple, inexpensive accessories.

Materials & Hardware

12 / The Spin on Lazy Susans

A lazy Susan is a versatile piece of hardware that allows you to make better use of limited shop space.

Jigs & Accessories

14 / Getting the Most Out of a Plug Cutter

Learn how to choose and use a plug cutter to make wood plugs that are nearly invisible.

Shop Shortcuts

28 / Shop Short Cuts

Shop-tested tips and techniques to solve your woodworking problems.

In The Shop

42 / Maintenance for Your Saw Blades

Better results and longer life — it’s simply a matter of taking good care of your saw blades.

Setting Up Shop

44 / Quick & Easy Clamp Storage

Here are a few simple ways to get a growing collection of clamps under control.

Mastering the Table Saw

46 / The Secret to Locking Rabbets

A locking rabbet joint is a great choice for sturdy drawers. And all you need is a table saw.

Great Gear

48 / Add-On Digital Readouts

Bringing digital accuracy to your shop isn’t as hard or expensive as you might think.

50 / Q&A
52 / Scenes from the Shop