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Multi-Purpose Disk Sander Multi-Purpose Disk Sander

Custom Chisel Case Custom Chisel Case

Sliding Hold Down Sliding Hold Down


Dream Shop Project

Online Extra
16 / Multi-Purpose Disk Sander

A disk sander is a great addition to any shop. This sander features adjustable speeds, a tilting table, and low-cost MDF construction. And the top pivots to provide quick access to accessories that mount on the rear shaft.

Weekend Workshop

Online Extra
30 / Custom Chisel Case

Store your chisels and fine tools in style with this handy, wall-mounted case. You’ll have easy access to any chisel, while other items are stored neatly away behind a closed door.

Hands-On Technique

34 / Block Plane Tips & Techniques

Learn how to get the most from your block plane with these tips and techniques.

Best-Built Jigs & Fixtures

Online Extra
36 / Sliding Hold Down

This table saw accessory keeps your work flat against the table. Then it automatically releases to slide with the workpiece.


4 / Readers' Tips

Router Workshop

Online Extra
8 / A Quick and Sturdy Drawer Joint

Looking for top-notch drawer joinery that’s easy to do? All it takes is a drawer joint bit.

Materials & Hardware

10 / Choosing & Using Bit & Blade Cleaners

Learn how to keep your saw blades and bits clean for better performance.

Jigs & Accessories

12 / 5 Combination Square Quick Tips

A combination square is one tool that will guarantee better layouts and results. We cover the basics of using this versatile tool.

Hands-On Technique

14 / Super-Strong Draw-Bolt Joinery

For rock-solid construction, it’s hard to beat a draw-bolt joint. Here’s how to do it right.

Shop Shortcuts

28 / Shop Short Cuts

Shop-tested tips and techniques to solve your woodworking problems.

In The Shop

42 / 20 Must-Have Shop Supplies

We shopped around at some unusual places and found a few unique products that deserve a place in your shop.

Setting Up Shop

44 / Sharpening Organizers

Take the hassle out of sharpening with any of these one-of-a-kind sharpening projects.

Mastering the Table Saw

46 / Jointing on the Table Saw

No jointer, no worries. All you need is your table saw and a simple, shop-built auxiliary fence.

Great Gear

48 / The Router Wizard Pro

This accessory works like magic to turn your router into the most versatile tool in your shop.

50 / Q&A
52 / Scenes from the Shop