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Miter Saw Station

I love my power miter saw. The only thing it's lacking is a table to support long workpieces. And that's where this Miter Saw Station comes in.

To support long workpieces, we've designed a pair of extension wings that attach to the ends of the station case. For portability, these wings tuck away inside the case. And when stored in the case, the wings provide built-in handles to make it easy to lift and move the miter saw, station and all.

Another "shortcoming" of miter saws is their fences. This makes it difficult to position a long workpiece for an accurate cut. To solve this, we've added a pair of rails to extend the fences. And for accurate repeat cuts, we've included a stop system that slides into slots cut in the fence rails.

CONSTRUCTION. We made our Miter Saw Station out of plywood, hardboard, and hardwood. The hardware should be readily available at home centers and hardware stores.

Overall dimensions: 84" W x 16" deep x 6-3/4" H

Source: This project appeared in ShopNotes Magazine No. 11.

Plan Photo

Plan Photo

Plan Photo