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Portable Planer Stand

Portable planers aren't really all that portable. At about 60 pounds, I don't like to move mine around too often. But it's a lot easier moving it now that I built this roll-around planer stand. And wheels aren't the only benefits. This stand also features an adjustable outfeed extension table and an optional storage drawer.

There are a number of advantages to mounting a planer on this roll-around stand. First, the planer is always accessible — you don't have to drag it out of storage and look for a place to clamp it down. Second, adding wheels allows you to use it wherever you want. For instance, when planing long boards, you can position it near a door, or even outside on the driveway.

To make it even easier to plane long boards, this stand has an outfeed extension to provide additional support as the workpiece comes out of the planer. And when it's not in use, the outfeed extension "knocks down". The table lifts off and the two support "wings" fold flat against the sides of the stand.

We've also included plans for an optional storage drawer that fits under the planer. This way your accessories are always handy, so you won't have to dig through a pile of shavings to find them.

Overall dimensions: 27" wide x 34-1/2" deep x 32" high

Source: This project appeared in ShopNotes Magazine No. 9.

Plan Photo

Plan Photo