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Tool Storage Shelves

Storing portable power tools is always a problem. They usually end up in a pile on a shelf somewhere. And the power cords unwind and weave together like spaghetti. To solve this problem, I built this tool storage system. The storage shelves are open in the front to keep the tools right at hand. And the adjustable shelves create a series of bins—each bin a home for a specific tool.

ADAPTABLE. I also wanted a system that could be adapted to fit a variety of shop layouts. So I built two smaller cases instead of one large cabinet. This way I could stack them, place them side by side, or use them as stand-alone units.

Overall dimensions: 15-3/4" deep x 32-1/2" high x 23-3/4" wide

Source: This project appeared in ShopNotes Magazine No. 9.

Plan Photo

Plan Photo