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Woodsmith Issue 102 cover image

November 2008
Issue 102

Cabinetmaker's Workbench
Page 31: Figure 7a
The two 3/4" dimensions shown for the centerline of the bolts should be 7/8".
Page 33: Top View Illustration
The dog holes should be at 85 degrees, not 5 degrees as originally printed.
Page 32: Figure 9
The dimensions of part T (front rail) should be 1 3/4" x 3 1/2" x 71". They are correct on the cutting diagram.
Page 26: Figure 1
The left margin art at the top of page 26 incorrectly shows the lower rail mortise in the leg to be 1" from the outside edge. This should be 7/8".
Shaping Brass
Page 15: Illustration and text
The dimension shown in the parentheses for the pipe is incorrect. It should read (1¼” x 12”). (As long as the pipe and spacer match in size, the jig will work, but the larger pipe will create a slightly different radius on the bends.)
Page 15: Illustration
The pipe supports are called out with a dimension of 7" x 7". This is correct. However the 7 3/4" dimension shown on the actual workpiece is not correct.
Page 15: Side View
The Side View drawing has two dimension errors. The 7/8 dimension should be 1/2, and the 2 3/8 dimension should be 3.