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Woodsmith Issue 105 cover image

May 2009
Issue 105

Sharpening Stone Storage
Page 43: Illustration, lower left corner
The callout should be for a 1/2"-rad. roundover, not 1/2" dia.
Page 45: Figure 4a
The router bit is called out as a 1/2"-dia. roundover bit, but this should simply read 1/2" roundover bit (no "dia.")
Page 44: Figure 3
Figure 2 shows the upper "stone template" with end pieces that run the full width. The side pieces match the length of the sharpening stone. In Figure 3, the view of the template should look the same, but it doesn't. The layout of the stone template parts in Figure 2 is correct.
Modular Garage Storage
Page 31: Materials & Hardware
The dimensions for part A (Sides) should be 6 x 14 - 3/4" MDF, as shown in Fig. 1 on page 26.
Table Saw Small Parts Jig
Page 36: Text Column One, Third Paragraph
The last sentence in paragraph three should read: For example, sliding the rip fence forward 1" moves the fence face away from the blade only 1/16". Note the related correction on page 38.
Page 38: Text Column Two, First Paragraph
The last sentence in that paragraph should read: For example, an 1/4" of movement on the ruler moves the fence 1/64" closer or farther from the saw blade. Note the related correction to page 36.
Page 39: Materials List AND Figure 9
The Blade Guard (O) should be 4 x 5 – 3/4 plywood. It is wrong in both Figure 9 and the materials list.
Page 36: Figure 3
The FENCE BLANK, shows the slot that the studded knob goes through to be 5/32" wide. It should be 5/16".
Motor Wiring
Page 40: Photo of 20-amp receptacle
The photo was "flipped" in the publication so is a mirror image of the actual item.