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Woodsmith Issue 113 cover image

September 2010
Issue 113

Readers' Tips
Page 6: Mobile Base Pedal Upgrade
The nylon spacers mentioned in the tip are distributed by Servalite in Moline, Illinois ( The part number is SP-100058. Servalite does not sell directly to consumers but many True Value hardware stores carry this item.
Shop Short Cuts
Page 22: Fitted Groove illustration, Detail a
The drawing indicates the groove should be 1/4" deep. However, the aluminum guide bar that fits in this groove is 5/16"- thick. The dimension and art should changed to 5/16".
Locking Rabbet Jig
Page 45: Figure 1
Clarification: The dimensions are correct, but the drawing implies the cutout along the back edge of the Base (A) ends up flush with the back edge of the Front Fence (B). In reality there is a ¼" lip behind the front fence.
Page 46: Figure 5
The dimensions for the slots in parts 'L' (STOP BASE) were omitted. The ends of the slots are located 2-1/4" from one end and 1-1/4" from the other end of the STOP BASE. The stop bases are the same part, one is simply rotated 180° when installing the hinge and part 'M' (STOP).
Heirloom Tool Chest
Page 20: Materials & Hardware
The Dividers (D) should be 13 3/8", not 9 1/8" as originally printed.