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Woodsmith Issue 114 cover image

November 2010
Issue 114

Shop-Made Hand Planes
Page 30: Figure 6b
The 10 degree angle of the wedge was omitted from the drawing. It is mentioned in the copy.
Page 26: Figure 1
The dimensions for the "second cut" were omitted. The angle of the cut is 55 degrees from horizontal. The placement of the cut can be inferred from the dimensions shown in Figure 3 (allowing for the saw kerf for the third cut). Figure 2 should contain a note: "When making second cut, leave enough material for cheeks and toe."
Page 51: Sources
The Lee Valley Plane Hammer was mentioned in article but was omitted from the Sources information on page 51. The part number is 50K56.01.
Roll-Around Shop Cart
Page 19: Figure 3
The 12" dimension shown that locates the clamp rack from the bottom rail of the cart should instead be 11".