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Woodsmith Issue 118 cover image

July 2011
Issue 118

Space Saving Miter Saw Station
Page 27: Materials and Hardware
The last item in the list (Aluminum) should be: 3/4" x 72" – 1/8" Aluminum (for Locking Bars)
Precision Router Bases
Page 37: Materials and Hardware
A part was omitted from the list: (1) 1/4-20 x 1" tab base weld nut with center pilot
Page 39: Illustration detail a
The nut is incorrectly labeled as a flange nut. It is actually a weld nut.
Page 51: Sources
The source for the weld nut (p. 37, 38) was omitted from the Sources information. It is available from McMaster Carr, part # 98001A130.