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Woodsmith Issue 123 cover image

May 2012
Issue 123

Custom Chisel Set
Page 51: Sources
The 3/16" Brass Rod, item no. 8859K155 should be changed to: 5/32" Brass Rod, item no. 8859K54
Fold-Away Workcenter
Page 31: Online Extra Cutting Diagram
The two hardwood parts labeled "O" should actually be part "Q".
Page 33: Figure 2, Detail A
A part is mis-labeled. The illustration should show the hinge attached to part M, the Lower Door.
Extension Wing Router Table
Page 17: Figure 1
The End Rail (part A) should be 13" long, not 12 1/4" as originally printed. This error also appears on the materials list on page 19.
Page 19: Materials & Hardware
Several corrections needed: (1) The End Rail should be 13" long. (2) The first three parts are in the wrong order. In order to match Figure 1 on page 17, the End Rails should be A, Front Rail should be B, and Back Rail should be C.
Page 18: Detail 'd'
There is an incorrect dimension on page 18 in issue 123 of Shop Notes. In detail ā€˜dā€™ the slot depth of the Fence Base (J) should be 2 5/8ā€ not 4ā€.