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Woodsmith Issue 128 cover image

March 2013
Issue 128

Must-Have, Low-Cost Tools
Page 10: Source for 5-oz claw hammer
After the issue went to press, Lee Valley discontinued their 5-oz claw hammer. A similar 7-oz. hammer is available from, sku 16750.
3-in-1 Drill Press Upgrade
Page 20: Figure 1
The illustration indicates that the wheel axis should be 1" up from the bottom edge of the cleat; however it should be 1" from the bottom of the base (1/4" up from the bottom of the cleat).
Page 20: Figure 1
The 3 1/2" dimension on the right-end of piece B (Cleat) should be 1 1/2".
Page 20: Figure 2, Detail A (Side view)
The 3" dimension should be 3 1/4" for the cutout to clear the wheel.
Page 20: Figure 1
The 1/4" x 2" lag screws w/washers should be 3/8" x 2" lag screws with washers. This also requires that the axle bore in the wheels be enlarged from 1/4"-diameter to 3/8"-diameter.
Page 19: Front View illustration
The illustration shows a screw driven in from below (from storage cabinet base to storage cabinet). This screw should be driven in from above (from storage cabinet to storage cabinet base).
Page 21: Various items
Part (F) should be as follows: 3/4 x 5 3/4 - 19 3/4. Part (N) should be as follows: 18 1/8 x 2 15/16 - 3/4 Ply. Part (Q) should be as follows: 18 1/8 x 5 7/16 - 3/4 Ply. Part (T) should be as follows: 18 1/8 x 7 7/8 - 3/4 Ply. There are 8 identical 3" wheels (listed as two separate groups of 4 wheels). (4) 1/4" x 2" Lag Screws should be (4) 3/8" x 2" Lag Screws.
Page 22: Figure 5
The location for the drawer slides was omitted. The slides are mounted flush with the bottoms of the drawers, as shown in Figure 5a, but the vertical locations from the inside bottom of the cabinet opening (starting with the lowest drawer) are as follows: 1/16", 8", 13-1/2", 16-1/2"
Page 21: Item Y
We call out the need for (4) Shelves, Part Y. Only two are required.
Benchtop Tool Caddy
Page 17: Figure 4, detail B
The dimension of 19 1/2" shown on the trammel is incorrect. The correct dimension is 8 7/8".