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Woodsmith Issue 132 cover image

November 2013
Issue 132

Multipurpose Table
Page 17: Figure 6b
The dimension at the end of each finger on the Catch Plate should be 1 7/8".
Compact Router Table
Page 20: Main Illustration
The NOTE near the middle of the drawing should read: Stiles are 3/4"-thick hardwood. Shelves and Back are 1/2" plywood.
Lathe Duplicator
Page 30: Figure 3
The callout in Figure 3, Side View, should be changed to "ADJUST STYLUS FORWARD 1/8" FOR ROUGH PASSES."
Page 31: Photo 3
The caption in photo 3 should be changed to: "Roughing Out. With the stylus set slightly ahead of the cutting tool, make light cuts..."
Shop Short Cuts
Page 27: Figure a
The length of the plunge cuts should be 9 3/8".